Portrait mode on any rooted Android Device

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You can get Portrait mode on any rooted Android


Portrait mode uses the dual cameras on your device to create a depth-of-field effect. This lets you compose a photo that keeps your subject sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background. With your device, you can also add captivating lighting effects to your image. And the TrueDepth camera even lets you take a selfie in Portrait mode. Now get  Portrait mode on any rooted Android Device by following the steps given below.

A. Requirements:

1. Rooted Android Device.

2. Must be on Nougat or higher Android version.

3. Camera2 API must be enabled ( To enable this, add this line “persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1” in System/build.prop by any root file manager) If you are on any AOSP or Lineage based custom ROMs (Android 7.0 or higher), everything will be set and you will have to install the camera only.

Portrait mode on any rooted android Device

B. How to  Portrait mode on any rooted Android Device

1. Open this camera, go to Settings/Advanced/ and enable Portrait Mode.

2. Now Force stop this camera and open again

3. Now you can see “Portrait Mode” in options in the upper left corner.

C. Camera configurations depend on the device and may be on OS too. 

For Redmi Note 3, portrait mode works in both front and back camera, use the config below

Config camera HDR+- Nexus 6,  Auto Model- Pixel 2, In advance setting, enable ‘HDR+ front camera’ and ‘Portrait Mode’.

D. Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DzA8…

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