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Before people from all around the globe could get accustomed to the Android 8.0 properly, reports regarding the next generation of Android i.e Android 9.0 have emerged as Android Pie. XDA developer Mishall Rahman has announced that he has found the codename of the next-generation Android system. He reportedly found it in the AOSP information submitted by Google.


The codename for Android 9.0 is going to be “Pi”, according to him. It can be the abbreviated version of Pie. The choice of the codename doesn’t really come at a surprise, given the history of the earlier Android systems being named after food or desserts by Google.

Android 9.0

There was a serious problem regarding fragmentation in the latest Android version. To solve this issue, Google started the Project Treble. But this project mode of Android was not appreciated by major mobile phone manufacturers. Google has finally decided to integrate the latest Android 9.0 with the project Treble mode.
The biggest benefit of the Project Treble is that, apart from allowing the OEM manufacturers to provide the latest system updates for their exclusive devices, it allows developers to customize and modify their system according to their requirements. If the device supports the mode then the system will be updated automatically.

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