How to get WhatsApp UPI

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How to get WhatsApp UPI ??

How to get WhatsApp UPI might be the question out there for many of WhatsApp users after Whatsapp launched their Payment/UPI option to its beta users, but still, there are some users who haven’t received the option yet. Don’t worry Just follow the Steps Given Below:

Step1. Go to Playstore and update your WhatsApp.


Step2. Open Chat section from WhatsApp and if you see an option for Payment you are ready to go to use UPI but if you still haven’t got the option and you still see camera option you need to ask your friend who has got these feature to click on payments option in attachment window.

How to get WhatsApp UPI                                                      How to get WhatsApp UPI


Step3. Once your friend clicks payment option you will get the WhatsApp Payment option available for you as well.


If still any doubt see this video from All About technologies

If none of your Friend have got the update email me your Whatsapp number I will do it for you.


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